I’m currently planning another trip to Scotland. Following the rule "Never change a hiking system", I again go to Fisherfield Forest. 2 years ago I made my last heavy weight trip to this area and now this trip will be a lightweight one. However the last time I was there in the first April weeks. Now I’m very early from 20.03 to 27.03. The weather is at its extremes, currently the temperature is 1 - 3°C day-times and 0 - -1°C night-times, the wind speed ranges from 5 - 37km/h with snow- and rainfall. I still hope that the temperature gets above 5°C and that snow accumulations will vanish when I get there. But I have to prepare for this cold weather.

Therefore some adjustments must be taken:

  • Full KS Primaloft clothing as sleeping backup.

  • Fleeze Jacket for hiking.

  • Warmer socks.

  • Skin micro light as sleeping mat.

  • Mattheusz (<a title="Laufbursche" href="http://laufbursche.blogspot.com" target="_blank">Laufbursche</a>) was so kind to lend me a "Tanzpalast" to try out. I’m very curious how it performs in these conditions. The last time I hiked there I had such strong wind that it blew my poles away.

This trip is relatively short in time. I only hike about 4 days. This gives me the opportunity to take some more risks and leaving the kitchen at home. Yes, this trip will consist of dry food only, despite the bad weather. I’m very excited about this. as I will be completely bushed at the end of the day, I usually don’t want to cook, but to sleep. But this removes the possibility to dry out my sleeping bag with a bottle of hot water…​ However, I might change my mind about this :)

Here’s the current gear-list:

![Gear list](gearlist_schottland_11.pdf)