I begin to realize that the trail has an end, which is weird. I will be in Vancouver too fast and I now try to take more time on the trail, which does not work. I can only hike my speed, and if it rains or I’m in the green tunnel, I don’t really take breaks. So I’m really looking forward to the northern Cascades and their beauty everybody speaks of. I’m currently sitting in the Mostel, the best Hostel I have ever stayed in. Will hit the trail at some point this day.

Had a lot of rain during the last days, so I finally washed my completely soaked sleeping bag.

I’m quite sad that the trail will end soon, but I’m also looking forward to get home again.

Michael 11 September 2013
Hallo Christian, was Du in den letzten Wochen an Meilen zurückgelegt hast raubt mir schlicht den Atem Ich wünsche Dir jedenfalls noch viele schöne Trailmomente auf den letzten Meilen Take care, Michael