Sewing a tarp
8 May 2010

Getting into light gear you will realize that a lot of gear is overpriced, or you might want specific features the commercial products don’t offer. But in my case I’m simply one of these DIY people, and I sewed a silnylon tarp.


As material I used silnylon, because it is cheap and does the job. I would prefer cuben…​.but the price :(


Hiking alone I don’t need a big tarp, but I want a luxury size. I already own a 3x4m tarp which is simply too big. 2,5x3 is also too big. I decided to cut the foot part half the size of the head part. The following image shows the final draft I used:<a href=""><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-88" title="tarp" src="" alt="" width="810" height="559" /></a> The draft includes the seem allowance. This was transferred on a sheet of paper and then cut out of the silnylon.


One note on this: Cut the diagonal sides very straight or your tarp will sack and be difficult to pitch.

Sewing silnylon:

This is the difficult part. To make it easy for you: USE NEEDLES. I stichted my seams with needles every 5-10cm, otherwise my sewing machine will not transport the material correctly and I will have a lot of mess. The lap seem is quite easy, I used the tutorial from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>; On the tieouts I used 3 layers of silnylon to secure the straps, this is bomb proof.


![](../sauerland-201005/p1010450.jpg) ![](../sauerland-201005/p1010452.jpg) ![](../sauerland-201005/p1010490.jpg)

Thinks I will do differently the next time:

  • create a pocket at each tieout to store the line when packing the tarp away. I will use one of the extra layer of material for this.

  • make the tieouts very short and use lines instead.