For every lightweight hiker there comes an inflection point when they make the decision to turn from heavy weight "comfort" to lightweight skills. For me this was my trip to Scotland, where I had a really heavy pack(21kg). I made only slow progress, fording took a horrible time, my tent had condensation issues, my more than expensive Rab sleeping bag failed poorly and my stove rusted away(because I picked tin foil instead of aluminum foil). To give it the crowning touch, while descending a straight stone wall during a hail storm at 900m my hiking boots lost traction which caused me to fall down. I broke my hiking sticks(790g pair) and injured my knee, because I couldn’t do much with that heavy pack. This forced my to take a 2 days break and continue with an easier, less interesting route. So my conclusion for this trip was: Go light, go safe. But besides these issues the trip was awesome, Scotland is a really great hiking country. And being there in April, right before the midge season was great.