In August of 2015 I met with my good ol hiking buddy Knifethrower from the PCT. We had some fun time on parts of the Cape Wrath Trail (Shielbridge to Glennfinnan). It was the wettest summer ever in Scotland (since recording) so it was quite interesting and we were happy about every bothy on the route. Additionally it was my first time with Midges, and yeah, I hate 'em. The campsites with some grass and trees next to the river (which are the most dry places because of a stonebed below) are also the Midges favorites…​

After we reached Glenfinnan we got a ride back to Fort William from some crazy (she picked us up!) woman listening aloud to some African drum music. In Fort William we stayed the night in a hostel and waited for Knifethrowers cousin and a friend (they never hiked before). The night in the hostel was the worst I ever experienced with 2 Scottish guys making up to all prejudices about British people and alcohol. They were super drunk, loud and one of them pissed in the room during the morning…​

After that almost sleepless night we went on our 2 day walk from Spean Bridge to Kinlochleven. We stayed in the wonderful hostel of Loch Oissan which made up for the previous night (back on the trail and the trail provides, always!). Back in Kinlochleven we ate burgers and drank beer and watched the hordes of West Highland Way walkers. In 30min we sat outside a pub (they didn’t let us inside…​) we saw more than 40 WHW hikers passing by.