In 2014 I only hiked once. 3 weeks on the Cape Wrath Trail, which I sadly could not finish. However the cape wrath trail was one of the nicest trails I hiked so far (besides the PCT of course). I hiked with Autobahn(PCT 2013) and Thilo(Who has no trail name).

Actually I started with Thilo and Autobahn joined us during the second night in the middle of nowhere. There was a bothy on the right side of the trial, way down around 100m. So I put a log on the trail and voila it worked. Autobahn said he immediately recognized it as a PCT style trail sign and went down to the hut. Otherwise, so he told, he would have missed it completely (there was no light, no window nothing).

The cape wrath trail stays on trails and forest roads for some of the time. But there a lot of cross country sections that involve a lot of fun. Something like:

Stay on 400m of elevation and follow the ridgeline around the mountain for roughly 4 hours. Then turn left and go down until you see a trail again.


Follow the river and make your way upstream next to the waterfalls (There is no trail but scrambling up the waterfalls)


Follow the faint trail (a classics, the trail always ends after 5 minutes)

I will defenitly hike the trail again to complete it, it is one of Scotlands finest.