PCT 2013
24 October 2012

Finally it is official.

I’m going to hike the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail in 2013.

Trail facts:

  • ~ 4300km long (for the purists, I know it is 4264(monument) 4293(manning park) but I include the Mount Withney detour to get a simpler number ;) )

  • Lowest point 42m

  • Highest point 4421m Mount Whitney

  • 60 mountain passes

  • 19 major canyons

  • 7 national parks

  • 24 national forests

  • 33 federal wilderness areas

  • only 40% succeed in finishing the trail

  • fewer people successfully thruh hiked the PCT than climbed Mount Everest

And now for the real facts:

The PCT is a continuous footpath that was designed for hiking and riding and passes through many pristine wilderness areas. It starts right in front of thehttp://maps.google.de/maps/place?ftid=0x80d90b02bb5f40cd:0x6af30e346a456b4b&q=32.590367,-116.467429&ved=0CA0Q-gswAA&sa=X&ei=scV1UNPlCJDKtAbru4GYCg" target="_blank[ Mexican border] at the Southern terminus. It then continues through dry and waterless country often referred to as "the desert", well not exactly. The "desert" contains major mountains like Mount San Jacinto, lakes, green stretches etc. Therefore Southern California fits alot better. After getting myself into good hiking shape  in Southern California, I’ll get into the High Sierra. Marvelous mountain ranges packed with snow. There I’ll climb snowy passes up to 4000m and ford rivers. After the Sierra I get into bear country (though you rarely see them) and pass through Northern California like Yosemite Valley. The northern part is dominated by Mount Shasta and volcanic stone. I’ll walk through the trinity alps. When I leave California I’ll have walked more than half of the whole way ~2 731km! California is huge..

Then I’ll walk through the forests of Oregon haunted by mosquitoes and rest at the many lakes.  The Three Sisters wilderness. Mount Hood. And other nice sceneries. As Oregon is the shortest  state with relatively easy trail I’ll soon reach Washington. This is quite important as I want to get into Canada before the first snow.

In Washington I’ll get back to marvelous mountains in the Northern Cascades with the glacier peak wilderness. And hopefully I’ll reach the monument at the Canadian Border. However doing such a big hike requires some planning and hassle with governments. When this article is published, most of it is done and will be addressed in further blog entries.

Some links:

  • Guthook Hikes, Ryan Linn’s 2010 Pacific Crest Trail hike. Great pictures and nice articels.

  • Bill & Monty, an elderly couple that hiked the PCT 2 times. Wonderful day to day trail journal.

  • Wasabi, Sabine Schroll’s blog about her last years PCT hike. Great articles though sadly she had to quit. But she will hike next year again :)

  • Kristoferisch (Bana Pants), Austrian thruh hiker from the class of 2012.

  • Carsten’s (Sauerkraut) pictures from his 2006 hike.

Information links:


Stephen Heymann 20 March 2013
Saacha / Christian, Are you attending the ADZPCTKO I am thru hiking this year as well, coming out from sunny Florida. I am trying to find someone who will share their campsite at the kickoff party. Registration filled up so fast I didnt have the opportunity to sign up. Let me know If either of you are not attending I would be still be interested in starting on the same day, get in touch with me via email Stephen
Mario 28 February 2013
Hallo Christian Jetzt wollte ich schon schreiben See you on the trail ... aber dann hab ich dein Startdatum gesehen und jetzt mein ich wohl eher: See your name in the trailregisters :) Wünsch dir viel Glück auf deiner Wanderung Lg Mario
Christian 3 December 2012
Hm jo, laut http://hikethru.com/aboutthepct/thruhikesuccessrate sind es tatsächlich 40.
Matthias 1 December 2012
rock on ;) nicht das es wichtig wäre aber es sind eher 40 nicht 60
Saacha Vantyler 5 November 2012
Greetings Christian, I will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. I am Canadian (female)and a resident of White Rock, British Columbia, which is on the Canada/USA border (a hop, skip and a jump from Manning Park). I am interested in corresponding with you...it is a daunting prospect to undertake this as a solo treker...perhaps we might form an alignment. I look forward to hearing from you. Saacha V.