In the last two weeks of October a friend and me hiked the northern part of the Bohusleden.

The southern part of the Bohusleden was my first hiking trip. So it was really nice to compare the differences.

Pack transition:

Heavy weight pack

Before we arrived it raining continuously for 3 weeks. The soil was soaked and the swedish people awaited the snow. Therefore we had the complete trail for us and only met 5 people during the whole trip. As we were lucky we had almost always bright weather with freezing cold temperatures. Night lows got into -2 °C and 2-5 daytime highs. I tested my firemaking skills in wet environment (it never got dry) with great success. I cooked almost every meal on my caldera inferno and two on the obligatory camp fire in the evening. In the cold nights we used the inferno to prepare hot water bottles.  So it was not unusual to cook 4l of water in a 0.9l pot. We discovered that a 2l bottle kept the warm for almost all time during these long late autumn nights. But enough writing about this receative(long nights, short daytime distances, camp fires!)  trip.