Me and the PCT
30 December 2012

However at that time I had very few backpacking experience. Moreover I had no experience in lightweight backpacking. And I had no clue about the PCT, few money, bad gear etc. I think my mail from that time shows best what type of hiker I was…​ However gladly, I didn’t do it.

I discovered how few I knew about the PCT and lightweight backpacking and planned to use the next X years to get into it. During that year I followed Carsten Jost doing the PCT. In 2009 I joined a talk he gave about ultralight backpacking and asked him all the questions I had regarding the PCT. I don’t know if it was the beer from Ingo or the wine from Barbara but somewhere deep during the night following Carstens tales the "if" formed into a "have to/when" and the decision to do it before my 30th birthday. Since then the idea grew bigger and bigger. In the beginning of 2011 I finished my apprenticeship, which would have been a good time to do the PCT. However I loved (and still do!) my job as software developer and wanted to use the next years to gather money and enjoy the life as employee. But I couldn’t get the PCT out of my head. Therefore somewhere in July 2011 I decided to work for 2 years and do the PCT in 2013.

One final word on the question "Why?". I think a sentence from Yogis guidebook gives the best answer to it: "If you have to ask, you will never understand."

Christian 2 January 2013
Hey Nitro :) Schade das du auf dem letzten Treffen nicht dabei warst und 1.Mai wird bei mir schwierig... Natürlich probiere ich so oft wie möglich hier etwas reinzuschreiben wenn ich auf dem PCT bin. Viele Grüße ins Land der leckeren Bratwürstchen, Christian
2 January 2013
Hi Christian, ich hoffe doch sehr, daß sich dein warten gelohnt hat und du deinen Thru Hike nun etwas erfahrener und somit entspannter angehen kannst. Halt uns doch bitte von unterwegs auf dem laufenden, wenn es dir möglich ist. Wünsche dir eine unvergessliche Zeit auf dem PCT und komm gesund wieder Beste Grüße (etwas neidvoll), Nitro