Lapland trip, gear review
10 August 2010

  • KS Bivy: performed very well, the quantum dries in seconds, it protects me from wind and mosquitoes. Great piece of gear. But I will use silnylon again on the bottom and back head area.

  • GoLite – Jam 2: It was ok. I could carry the 14kg start weight easily, but I will go for a silnylon pack with net pockets around it. The Jam took hours to dry out and stored the rain very well :(

  • prolite s: Worked well in the temperatures.

  • KS Quilt 350: I love it :)

  • KS MiniTarp 3x2,5x1,2: performed well. Was never wet :) But for more psychological protection I’ll take a tipi next time.

  • Stakes: Titanium needle stakes were great!

  • Rab Drillium Pants: Great breath-ability, wear it at warm days as only trousers. But it has the typical Rab quality issues: The straps around the ankles broke away.

  • Haglöfs Lim: Great peace of gear, nothing bad about it :)

  • Caldera Cone: Just great, very fast and efficient.

  • Merino clothes: Stink as fast as synthetic closes.

  • Headnet: need to add some sleeves for stakes, small winds blow it against your face where it sticks.

  • Aldi Allzweck(Towel?!): Worked great, will never again carry anything else.

  • Primaloft clothes: Very bulky but really warm and windproof. Loved them during the breaks.

  • Brooks cascadia: Were great for the terrain, had always enough grip and walked on feathers. But they dry out very slow, especially the food-bed and mesh.