I will start tomorrow morning at 6:00 Today was quite busy, I bought resupplies and send 4 packages. The resupply plan changed also. Now I will hitch hike to Julien instead of sending a package to Warner Springs. And I will not visit Idyllwild but pick up a package in the Paradise Cafe.

The first day was really wonderful. Frodo(Sandy) picked Reimar, Andre an me up at the airport. Then they showed us where we could find everything in their house. They are really cool, I’ve never witnessed this kind hospitality. I also dropped some prejudices. Today we walked to buy food, only eat quite healthy food and drank tasty dark beer (IPA). This evening we ate at a neighbors of Grodo and Scout and ate really great food. As it is now half past eight(pm) and half past 5(am) in Germany, I’m quite fed up/tired. the trail is coming…​.

Sarah 18 April 2013
Viel Glück bei deinem Thruhike.