The last months I was quite busy. I was on business-trips which cost me about 4 weeks where I couldn’t do much. So I only had the weekends to prepare for the PCT and to move out of my apartment. Now I’m officially homeless, well I live at my parents until I start in April. I ordered the remaining gear and used the last two days to go on a trip with quite nice temperatures to check if the new clothing I chose is ok. (longsleeve merino,  short merino, wind shirt

Gear changes:

  • No Primaloft trowsers and jacket anymore but a Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket 196g

  • * 10g* aluminium spoon

  • * 238g* for the long, airy desert shirt

  • replaced my hiking pole tips, hope they last

  • sewed waterproof bags for sleeping bag and clothing, 14g and 10g

  • wasabi lend me her BearVault 500 which I put into my backpack for the last trip to get a feeling for it, 1124g

During the trip yesterday I had daytime-temperatures below and above freezing and the clothing I wore kept me warm enough, nice :)

quasinitro 6 April 2013
Hey Cristian, nur noch zwei Wochen und du kannst einen kleinen Traum leben und gehen. Wünsche dir eine unvergessliche Zeit auf dem PCT möge dir die Kraft und Motivation auch in schwierigen Passagen nie ausgehen UND, lass bitte von dir hören : ) Beste Grüße, Nitro