So this is my last day in Germany. Tomorrow is my flight to Missoula MT where I will arrive around 9pm. Ate my last awesome German meal with my parents, sister+husband and nephew.


During the last week I spread out all my stuff. Did stuff like getting new needles for my sewing kit, sorting through my medkit etc. Redid my maps and figured out where I need to send them ahead. Probably gonna do a bounce box(one packet that I send ahead with stuff that I don’t want to carry but might need in town). However the bounce box forces me to stop by the post offices :(

I am a little worried about the current trail closure at triple divide pass which will await me after the 4th day in glacier. About Glacier: I need to book campsites over there which sucks big time. Due to those reservations I need to do either low mileage or high mileage days. I cannot just walk as long as I feel fit to walk and get used to hiking again. My current plan for glacier is quite relaxed to get me back into hiking:

  1. Chief Mountain → ELF 9.5 miles

  2. ELF → Many Galcier 16.6 miles

  3. Many Glacier → REY 14.2 miles

  4. REY → REH 14.3 miles

  5. REH → OLD 17 miles

  6. OLD → East Glacier 15.7 miles

Sites about glacier: campsites

A more sincere plan would be:

  1. Chief Mountain → POI 19.6 miles

  2. POI → REY 23.5 miles

  3. REY → ATL 25.9 miles

  4. ATL → East Glacier 22.3 miles

But I will start slow and stick to the first plan.