I had the toughest sections from Hikertown to Mojave and Mojave to Walker Pass. At the Mojave wind farms I had about 50-70 mph wind with peaks at 90 mph, that was really crazy. I did the Aqueduct at daytime because of the high wind, got sunburned and did the annoying road walk. The section to walker pass was even more hard. I didn’t know that Meadow Ed, Oakie and Yogi would do trail magic there. So I packed water for 33 miles. Wow that was heavy. That section was real desert with high temperatures and really low water.

I was lucky as there has been a fire after the Andersons, luckily I could hike through that once nice forest…​ Now all the hikers are hitching around that area, because of the fire and the closure, lucky me!

After Walker Pass I entered the Sierras, still dry. But in the final valley before Kennedy Meadows I got a big thunderstorm. That thunderstorm had big hail and a lightning bold was so close that I could feel the electricity and my arms hurt. Welcome to the Sierras…​ Right now, I’m in Bishop and have done some part of the Sierra Nevada. It is so awesome around here. I wish I could upload some photos…​ They are f*ing amazing. I have done the two highest points on my route, Mount Whitney and Forester Pass. Both where nice climbs, although I got a real headache on Whitney…​ altitude…​ Forester Pass was really easy, shortly after doing the switchbacks up I could already see the final snow traverse. Then I was up there.

But the real Sierras passes are coming up in the next section (Mather Pass, Muir Pass). The temperatures are quite cool and get near freezing (or even below) during the night. As water isn’t a problem anymore there are already some mosquitoes. But not many. I try to get some Permithrin and Deet in Bishop to scare the mosquitoes off.

I’m now really a hiking machine :) That’s a really good feeling. Ups and Downs in the Sierras have been nice so far. I hiked with Beer and Ranch, a German couple from Berlin since Kennedy Meadows. But sadly Ranch could not do Whitney and we split apart.

But hiking alone again will increase my mileage, I thing I can do 20’s in the Sierras ( I did 20’s with Whitney and Forester). This lets me carry less food. Because the bear canister is very limited in its space…​

Alright, time to eat more and more, my body fat is gone and I tend to freeze at temperatures I normally don’t freeze.

Michael 22 June 2013
Hallo WanderMaschine ;), schön das es dir gut geht. Vor allem nach Blitz und Hagel Ich wünsche dir weiter alles gute und spannende Landschaften. Take care, Michael
quasinitro 14 June 2013
Go Christian, go :