Etna 1600 miles
5 August 2013

Hi I’m currently in Etna, getting smoked out  by all the fires. I’m now hiking alone, trying to make up some miles and do at least 25 per day. But I discovered that I am a real slow walker. Everybody I know is way far ahead. And there are people passing me every day that started in Mai.

However I don’t care I’m making my way to Canada and I think I arrive there somewhere in the end of September.

I hiked with Apache and Knifethrower all the way through the Sierras to Bucks Lake. Now I’m hiking alone which is way different. No more evening fires with sausages or hot dogs or country potatoes. Sad…​. We had a really good time together.

The halfway point gave me some hard time but now I’m right before Oregon and the motivation is going up. I just hope I make it before they close down parts of the trail because of all the fires.

It’s really sad, the last days the landscape was amazing(trinity alps, russian wilderness) but you can’t really see anything because of all the smoke. And it will be like this up to crater lake. Many hikers are skipping ahead but I am going to make my way north.

I’m looking forward to new shoes in Seiad Valley, I hope it works out, it is the second try. Mine are falling apart because I couldn’t get internet access since Tahoe…​ Roughly 950 miles on one pair…​ that is too much.

Michael 12 August 2013
Hallo (grande walking burrito) Christian, einfach unglaublich was Du schon geschafft hast. Glückwunsch Wir drücken weiter die Daumen. Alles Gute, Lukas, Sven, Claudia und Michael
Jan 12 August 2013
Christian, es geht voran :) Mach Dir nix aus dem Rauch, schöne Landschaft kannste auch wieder im Sauerland sehen :) Bring ein paar Bären mit zum Frühstück... Alles Gute für den letzten Abschnitt Jan
Helmut 6 August 2013
Christian...grande burrito go go go... Wenn Du doch nur so schnell wandern würdest, wie du programmieren tust :) Aber vielleicht auch besser nicht, wenn man hier so Deinen Freund, den ganz kleinen Sauerländer fluchen hört ich sach nur Chantal Egal hauptsache, Du bist gesund und munter ab dem 1.11. wieder hier auf Deinem neuen Stuhl :) Genieß die letzten 2tkm :) LG Helmut
knifethrower 5 August 2013
hey burrito, leaving tomorrow for san fransisco. thinking of cutting to the terminus and going SOBO. meet me there phone number is 9139151066, email
Kai 5 August 2013
Moin Christian September hört sich gut an, dann können wir die ersten Jiras verschieben :) . Mach weiter so und alles Gute Gruß von der Nordsee Kai