Coffee on tour
5 October 2010

I already went through some coffee-systems(Ulaner always have some kind of system, don’t they?) About taste: I love my coffee black and strong. No sugar, no milk, and for gods sake, no instant coffee. I usually take 1 Big table spoon of coffee for 300ml. Good Morning

About the coffee powder: There’s a myth that the coffee powder should be big. This is definitely wrong. The big ones take a much longer time to sink down, so you have to wait for your coffee pretty long. And there is no taste difference.

*System 1: * The extra coffee pot

You just use a metal container to brew your coffee in. A bear can, or if heavier an "ultralight titanium" mug. Cook the water in it till a rolling boil, take it of the flame and pour the coffee in it.

*System 2: * Cooking and drinking from the same pod.

Err kinda works but the taste…​

System 3: Using the hot water from your meal to make the coffee

This works pretty good if you take freezer bag food for breakfast. But you need a second container for the coffee. This can be a heat resistant container. And here we are. Let me introduce the 7g insulated mug:


After the coffee is in the water: Let it stand for 5-7 minutes and stir it sometimes. The longer you wait the better/stronger the taste.