I’m currently taking my zero and nero at the Saufleys in the Hiker Heaven. An awesome place to hang around but now I have to leave in the evening. My body is recovering but I’m going to take some more days of at the Andersons in the Casa de Luna. I feel great again and I’m completely relaxed. I have my own bed, which is so much more comfortable than my foam mattress. They also have bikes to ride into town. And in the evening you sit by the fire drinking a cool beer.

The last days I had a lot of Poodle Dog Bush. Thats a poisonous plant that irritates the skin. And it got me on my right leg, although I wore a long pants. I walked through the burned parts of the Station Fire…​ was creepy.

During the next days it goes into the Mojave desert. That is going to be cruel. But UB is planning a glowstick walk on the Mojave Aqueduct. And there is the party at the Andersons :)