Cdt departure
21 June 2016

Cdt departure Hanging out on Frankfurt airport waiting for the plane to leave. Only slept for 3 hours the night…​fuck that. In the morning I read about 2 trail closures in glacier which might be liftet in 10 days. Fuck that too. An alternate via the given passes doesn’t look good. Could take 2 nice crosscountry routese but the rangers probably won’t allow it. After 9h of flight I am waiting since 2h for immigration. It is great when a chinese plane dropped before you and there is only one translator… Made through the chaos of the airport. It’s unbelievable for a german how this is actually working out in Seattle. Flew with a propellered plane over to missoula a tiny airport surrounded by small hills. Walked by foot to the motel i am staying in and got a strange look for not having a car. But i gonna get mine tomorrow. Now it is 5 o clock am and i am done.