Cdt day 9
7 July 2016

Today was supposed to be a nero day to rest my foot. In the morning gnomegod left at around 7. I slept in till 8 and headed over to the whistle stop to get breakfast. I had bad coffee and a great omlette. Then I did some work on my blog translating stuff and get some pictures online. I fetched my food package from the brownies hostel and filled up my backpack. It was super heavy. Later on i got a pizza, listened to deutschlandfunk and just chilled. At around 16:00 i could not sit still any more and packed up. I said goodbye to tic toc and slaughterhouse and went to the street. The native americans were selling fireworks and laughed at me holding up ysemans hitching sign wich was similar to mine. He inspired me to do a sign. Didn’t really need it. The 2nd car stopped. It was a 20sec hitch. Wow. So i got to marias pass and got on the cdt. Of ccourse there were no signs just the maps i had. During all 9 days i only saw 3 cdt signs. As the trail is supposed to have a lot of blowdown i took the alternate at two medicine river. It was really beatiful and i had to cross the river around 14 timed which cooled down my feet. At some point i ate the remaining 2 pizza slides. Now i am camping next to the river.