Cdt day 7
29 June 2016

I woke up at 4 am this morning due to a thunderstorm coming in. Packed up my stuff in the rain because i could not pitch a tent were i was. Hiked out and suddenly the rain stopped. I was so tired and had to climb up to 7200 again. When i finally was up there and the sun was out i took a really long map. The trail was really nice from there on qith a nice ridgewalk sinilar to the pct. At 10:30 i made a coffee break at a river dried my sleeping bag and washed myself and my shirt. After that i hiked on and finally left the national park. Yehaa! Took some dirt roads down to the hostel and wanted to get a beer. Shit no beer selling oday and tomorrow. There is an election going on. I met gnomegod again he came in this morning. The last time i saw him coming up piegans pass in the heavy storm. He tried to wash his sleeping bag and flooded the washing room. Now i try to post my diary and have to translate it. This sucks big time on a smartphone.