Cdt day 6
29 June 2016

I woke up to sunshine and a clear sky and hang out with the Canadian couple. Around 10am i walk out of rhe campsite slowly making my way back to where I started 5 days ago. I slowly make my way up through a really beatiful valley and the last pass in glacier with an unspeakable name, pitamakan pass. There were a lot of little snow patches going uphill while downhill the trail was clear. In the evening i got to two medicine campground where i am supposed to get a hiker campsite. After i got back from the campstore this site is taken by car campers. Damn wasn’t thid supposed to be a hiker only site? There is even a sign. Ok while i wait for the camphost a girl managing the backcountry campsites comes by and says i can use one of those. Nice. On site i down a really bad can of cold beef stew and setup my cowboy camp. During that a group shows up in their car taking the other backcountry site…​ I am sow looking forward to be out of this national park and do real thru hiking again. Where i can sleep where i want hike as long as i want etc. Now I try to sleep and ignore the sunburn that really hurts on my legs. Was hiking in short pants through the snow… Just got thrown off the campground by some pissed off thru hikers i am just cowboying and offered to move to a different place. But no, go away Bastard…​ This sense for community is awesome. Have to get the trail names of those motherfuckers. Luckily the guys next door took me in and gave me beer and a lt of bars that actually are great for my current low food situation. Gonna eat good tomorrow. They didn’t even want to tell me their trail names. Uptight ass holes.