Cdt day 53
15 August 2016

We got up late made coffee and packe dup. We had to cross a stream again and my short pants got wet. We hiked on till we hit the grassy lake road. We got a hitch from a park ranger on off day. She was awesome and answered all our questions about he park and got us to flagg ranch. The road was really bumpy and we both felt sick when we got to flagg ranch. So we just hangout there for a bit and drank water. Later on we got out and wanred to hitch. On the way to the road a car drove by and we put the thumb out. It immediately stopped. Christoph was a climber who just got out of yellowstone and wanted to hike in the tetons. We drove to the campground and shared a side. The dude at the campground entrance was an ass and gave us really bad vibes. Christoph was cool and dropped us of at the store which was a real grocery store. So we picked up sausages, beer, salad, fruit, baguette and I picked up a 2l jug of milk. Back at the campground we fried the sausages in our stoves. It was an awesome dinner. We cowboy camped on the site and got weird looks from all the car campers.