Cdt day 52
15 August 2016

Today was mr bubbles day. We hiked through nice meadows and saw some more volcanic activity. We met some nobos coming from mr bubbles. They hiked down there in the morning and were amazed. We hit it after noon and met a family there. They had left their horses at the beginning of the side trail. Luckily they were just leaving so we had the hot pool for ourselves. Mr bubbles was awesome. There was a hot stream and a river coming into one pool. In the middle of the pool there was a geyser pushing out bubbles. So you could choose between hot and cold water and everything in between. While we were hanging out in there another old woman came by. Her name was donna and she was from victor idaho. She just road up here with her horse. She was really nice and invited us to her house which is awesome. We want to cook and victor is one the same road with jackson. Later on 2 couples came in, also from victor. They got rhe closest campsite to the hot springs. They told us there is a bus between victor and jackson. Awesome. At 16:30 we had to get out and walk 14 more miles to our campsite. It was a nice walk next to a river with a lot of berries we picked. We had to cross some rivers which were almost tigh deep. We arrived at our campsite at bechler meadows in the dark. Luckily since the mosquitoes were bad. We made dinner, i had a super awesome home dried meal from knifethrower. He hooked me up wirh some couscous and ground beef and it was amazing. I still have 2 dinners left and i am really looking forward to them.