Cdt day 51
15 August 2016

We walked out of the campground and wanted to head to the general store to get some food. But we actually ended up getting breakfast buffet. It was ok and we got stufffed. Angelina actually packed out coffee in a gatorade bottle. We walked over to the backcountry office to get our permits. However the rangers in there were very unfriendly and wanted to get us out of the park as quick as possible. We left immediately. Thx goodbye and a silent fuck you! We prepared a sign to hitch to old faithful. While preparing it a car stopped. They said they will pick us up after the general store when they come back and we are still there. We waited for 5 min and a van with a 6 headed family turned around and picked us up. They were so cool and friendly. They were from marilyland, 2 girls and 2 boys and their parents. It was their first day in yellowstone they just flew in the last day and made it to their motel. They took a picture with the 2 of us and all of them. We met them later on the board walk. They were great I wish i could remember some names but i only remember becka since she chatted us up. We got to the ranger station to pick up our permits down to flagg ranch. A volunteer named cheyenne was working there. She was amazing. She got us a route down to bechler meadows and told us about a hot spring on that route, mr bubbles. We could charge our phones and leave our backpacks to walk around old faithful. We went to the post office next door. We got all packages but not my shoes. That package was missing. We had no wifi and no reception to get the tracking number. Fuck. So we did the tourist walk and got pictures of the geysers. We tried to find the housing office where sometimes ups packages arrive. We didn’t find it but the receptionist in the lodge called them and they didn’t have any. So we bought a wifi 1h access in the snow lodge which was really slow. We got the tracking number and went to the post office. The package was up in mammoth hot springs. Fucking rei. We bounced it forward to jackson. We hit the dinner buffet hard with 5 plates for me and 3 for angelina. After that we had to hike 5 miles to lone star backcountry campground. I did this without buckling my backpack. I could not close them. We met chiclen master again who got into old faithful the same day. There was also a crazy nobo who walked barefoot, carried a gun and camped under the bear pole. So we had to hang our food in some trees.