Cdt day 50
15 August 2016

Today we started with a nice 16 mile dry stretch going into yellowstone. We met more nobos coming out of yellowstone and finally made it on a nice road walk to the idaho and wyoming border.
Fuck yeah we made the first state and a third of the cdt. We hiked on an easy trail listening to music to entertain us. Ar some point around 8pm we got to the boardwalk north of old faithful. Suddenly a lot of people were there and a busy road with tons of card. We prepared a sign because we had to hitch to grant village since there is no campground in old faithful. A nice couple from Michigan turned around for us and picked us up. Daniel and tallama were on a road trip to Oregon and Angelina immediately designed their traveling route. They drove 15 miles back to bring ua to the campground. We checked in and got a place with a biker. She was from wales and riding from coast to coast. Since we were far away from the general store we just had some ramen noodles.