Cdt day 5
29 June 2016

I wake up at Elizabeth lake campground it is really cold but the sun begins to shine. I prepare a peanut butter tortilla and a big cup of coffee before hiking out. I follow the gentle trail downhill ,pass a waterfall and get to abother campground to take my second breakfast. My foot and hip are feeling good this morning which gives me a lot of relieve. In the campground my yogiing skills are back again since the people there are having breakfast and share there oatmeal with me. On the way out i see my first big animals 2 elk. Later on i run into a lot of hikers coming in. I also meet frank who is a park ranger at goat hunt here in glacier. We talked a long time about the park the massive amount of tourists and the pct. He is planning to do it next year. We also talked about the closed sections of the trail and that some hikers made it through the highline trail while one slipped and died. After i got to chief mountain trailhead i tried ot hitch for 2 hours. There was 1 car every 10 to 15 minutes…​was really bad. Then somebody came over he was driving the official shuttle and was there by accident. The shuttle is reservation based only and would be supposed to leave at 15:45. He had to puck up people in many glacier but dropped me off at the ranger stationso i could get my permit and he can pick ne up later to get me back to the trail on cutbank. Awesome! I then went into the visitor center to get my permit. It was the same old lady that gave us the first pernits in there. She still remembered me and we had a nice talk. We figured out how i can continue my sobo hike and she gave me some tips and cut down the reservation costs from 7 to 5 bucks. At around 5pm he picked me up again and dropped me off at cutbanks. I atill had to walk 5 mikes in. After about 3 miles i took a break on the river bank and made dinner. At the campground I was going to sign the camping permit and fee when a couple walked up to me and offered me to use their campsite since they were just car camping. They were very inspiring. We hang out at the campfire and talked about traveling. They were from canada in their early 20s doing nothing but travelling and working since they left school. They have seen a lot of the world and i can only dream about ever traveling as much as they did in something like 3 years. They also gave me some smores on peanut butter, yogiing again :) the night was clear and cold so i cowboy camped and watched the amazing stars while falling asleep.