Cdt day 49
15 August 2016

We woke up being hungry besides the feast yesterday. So we packed up and went to subway and it was closed, everything opened at 8. So we got back, made coffee, ate bananas and froze. At 8 we got back to subways and ate a foot long sandwich. After that we got back to the rv park office and had some coffee while charging our stuff and surfing the internet. I called home and told my parents about my whish box that they should send to me. Containing extra clothes, coffee, chocolate, medicine, earplugs and drumrolls toulet paper. Can’t use that american crap to crap. After a while we got out and walked from sawtelle to macks inn. We searched for the post office and after a while and some asking around we found it. It was a post office and home of a mexican woman and her child. You could directly see into the living room. We got our packages and i got a surprise package from ronan. He had 2 home dried meals in there and some coffee and a usb loading cable. Really awesome. I also send away my broken air frame to mld and hope to get replacement in jackson. We will see. We walked to an icecream and pizza store and got both. We hiked out half of the pizza. We walked out on the road amd a local man picked us up and tried to convince us to get into yellowstone via a different route. We picked leys route and he dropped us of on a dirt road. We hiked it up and met 3 guys coming in. We hiked on and 2 women in their car stopped by to pick us up. They were going to the cabin their father build. It was about 2 miles. However angelina chatted them up and they dropped us of 7 miles later. Of course they were Mormons and tried to get us. We hiked the remaining 6 miles to a spring. It was not flowing anymore. But in the collecting container there was still enough water. We ate pizza and drank tea and went to bed.