Cdt day 47
9 August 2016

We woke up at 5 30 by distant thunderstorms rolling in. They hit us while we drank our coffee. Luckily they stopped when we packed up. We hiked on and saw the nice campsites with Picknick tables at aldeous lake. After that i met stumbling beef whom i met on the pct in 2013. We were both super stoked about seeing each other. He is such a good person. He was hiking with his brother. Then we met a ton of nobos. All good a guy who hiked in a kilt was one of them and we had a good talk with him. Then we met charge who was low on food. After him we met tattoed jo, zoro and popeye. Zoro got charged by a grizzly on the fire detour around dubois. Further on we met cowgirl with her friend whom angelina met in glacier. Her friend was having trouble setting up the tent. In the end we met 3 thru hikers and one of them, sketchy, was remembered by angelina. She southbounded the pct in 2014. We had an 18 mile dry stretch today which caused us to do 27 miles total. With occasional thunderstorms we did alot of really nice ridge walking. We had great views. But for some reason I wasn’t on top of the game and didn’t feel well. After i used my inhaler it got better. I really had trouble to breath. Additionally my air frame of the backpack collapsed because the valve broke. We ended up camping at a creek with those 3 other thru hikers. We figured out a rule for the cdt: if it is easy, you are not on the cdt.