Cdt day 45
9 August 2016

We slept in, made some coffee and ate the remains from last dinner. I had pizza, bananas and some sesame sticks. Today we had to do a lot of chores. I bought some resupplies to supplement my hiker box wins. I also bought super glue and set up my dirty girl gaiters. Angelina called rei to send cascadias to old faithful village. So i can finally hike with fitting shoes again. I will miss the tread of the peregrine. She also figured out that we can resupply in colter bay in the tetons. So i can buy food all along our new route. We packed our stuff and got out of the room. We hang out in front of it with smelly jesus and some bike packers. One of them was actually doing the real cdt. We went to the post office to send out some packets. I send a pot we found on the trail to knifethrower because he just cooks in a shitty cup. I also send my bounce box ahead to Atlantic City. After that we wanted to try out a different restaurant, well the other one in town, but it was closed. We got back to jans cafe and i eat 2 meals. Chicken and burger. Back at the motel we hang out more with jesus and the bikers. I did my translations and uploaded fotos. Mike came by to times and asked if ee want to get back to the trail. So cool. Finally when a hiker called for a pickup angelina, jesus and me got out and back on the trail. When we drove to the trailhead we could see another hiker coming down the dirt road. Mike pulled over and i opened the window and shouted: “hiker trash!” and waved at the guy. He didn’t hesitate for a moment, jumped over the fence and got into that random car. His name was chicken master. Angelina and me hiked out and after 5 miles we met 3 nobos. Buttercup from germany, maverick and bambi who were from my pct class. Bambi actually recognized me but i had no idea whom he was, so sad. We hiked on for a mile and camped next to a creek.