Cdt day 44
9 August 2016

I had a last tortilla with my last spoon of peanutbutter. We had a nice road to follow which lead us to the interstate. We were lucky, a car came towards us and they said they pick us up on the way back. We continued the road walk and after 1h they pucked us up. They drove past the pick up point where holden was sitting. When we got back holden jist got picked ip by mike. So we called him really fast and he got back and we mike, the owner of the motel, picked us up and dropped us at jans cafe. We 3 hikers had breakfast and got back to the hotel. I scored big while scavenging the hiker box. I got a whole jar of peanut butter, 2 dinners, snickers and a shitload of other bars. My resupply i needed to buy was cut down alot. Angelina got her 5 packages that were waiting for her in the motel office. I picked up my bounce box and my new gaiters. We got lunch at jans cafe, a burger. At the gas station we baught some noodle sauce and frozen pizza. We had kitchen in the motel room. I fixed the hole in my sleeping pad and it is good again. It passed the overnight test. For dinner we had chicken wings, pizza and noodles with tomato sauce and cheese. Sudi and Michael were also in he motel as well as a good amount of bike packers. Wiseman left the day before with simple sole.