Cdt day 43
5 August 2016

Today was tough. We hiked out on easy trail that was hard to find and at 9am we already had 27°c. We walked through cow country which makes navigation super hard because their trails are far better then the official cdt. It was a warm day. We did 13 miles to shineberger creek where we took a long lunch break to wait out the heat of the day. After that a stretch started that ley called the roller coaster and calf burner. It was like that. A shitload of super steep ups and downs and we got wasted. Angelina had to eat almost all of her food to get to camp. We took an alternate down to modoc creek to have water for dinner. It started with some cross country hiking down a dry river bed. We got to camp at 9pm. We were super tired and shared my last mashed potatoes with some vegis and tuna from angelina. We are really looking forward to town. This was the most hard stretch. I was still haunted by the food poisoning and had diarrhea every day and feel weak. My shoes don’t fit well and i have ankle and heel problems. My air mattress got a hole and deflates during the night. I lost a shitload of weight and am out of food while writing this. 7 miles to town, here we come.