Cdt day 42
5 August 2016

Today the trail was easy but it was still rough. I was getting more and more diarrhea and even angelina needed to see the bathroom more often. I am still happy since the food stays in me the required time of up to 9h. It just comes out like water. However this condition doesn’t help with hiking. But i felt better today. We hiked out on nice trail until we hit deadman lake at 11am. We got water for the 12 mile dry stretch. And that stretch was tough. We had no shade 32°c and the air was super dry. Angelina suffered and broke down on bannack pass, just when i felt decent. We hang out in the sun and suddenly a car comes by. We don’t waste an opportunity to yogi. We waved at them they stopped. I chat them up and the driver was eating cashews. Once he dropped one angelina said: “no worries we pick it up” And then we got some cashews, carrots with sellery and ranch and some gatorade. After that angelina was in good mood again but my prime time was gone. We headed further to the next water and i got bad diarrhea. I meeded to wash to prevent chaving. We stumbled further and before the next water source angelina crashed again. After some break time we headed on. It finally cooled down and we had shade again. We made it to a creek where we had a cooking fire and camped.