Cdt day 41
5 August 2016

We woke up late next to our nice creek. We hiked out to do some steep hills again. They were super awesome. The best landscape on the cdt so far. Very beautiful and bug views over rolling hills and mountain ranges. We were up at 10000 feet saw herds of elk and antelopes and walked cross country for most of the time. Trail finding was difficult. Sometimes you follow the trail, sometimes you must not follow the trail. Then you follow posts and cairns. But then again sometimes you must not follow the cairns or posts. You really have to know where you are and where you are supposed to go. Water was good in this part, for which we were greatful since it was very hot. I was totally done during the day. I was still suffering from the food poisoning. My poop is still not back to normal and i just felt weak. In addition i have problems with my new shoes. They are just too wide and i flot. So either my ancle or my archilles tendant hurts. To spice it up since they are too wide i get a lot of piercing seeds, grass and needles in there. We got to a nice stream at the end of the day where we could wash and camp. I put some plants in my ramen to get some fiber against the diarrhea, which didn’t work.