Cdt day 4
29 June 2016

I woke up to rain this morning. The night was quite cool but my sleeping bag and matress are super warm. Did I tell you how amazing the neo air is? Never slept so well on the trail. This morning knifethrower dadly had to leave. After a morning coffee we said goodbye to each other and he headed on to get a hitch. When I headed out he was already gone so he seems to have been lucky. I hot a hitch from someone working at the park back to the hotel where we left yesterday. Ptarmigan tunnel is still closed so i have to take red gaps pass. Luckily the sun is coming out and the rain stopped. I took a break at poia lake campground where i met another sobo named chewy. He did the at and is doing nice and slow days. Should have done the same all the sudden i have severe problems with my left foot and my hip. Probably gonna throw in a zero. I made it over red gap pass whichvwas awesome. The weather was nice since there was no rain. It was really cold up there and i was putting layers on. The wind was very strong, but the snow fields were really easy. Made it down to Elizabeth lake campground where i prepare my dinner. Knorr noodles with two spoons of butter and bacon bits.