Cdt day 39
5 August 2016

I was feeling better this morning but angelina was still feeling bad. She was thinking about skipping the section and go to dillon mt. She wrote on the Facebook page to get a ride over there. But she didn’t get a response. We went to the post office to pick up our remaining packages. One didn’t yet arrive and we have to forward it next week. So we ate more pretzels and drank more gatorade , cleared the room and hang out at sams porch. At noon angelina started feeling better. At 16 we decided to hike out. Sam drove us to the pass where we started hiking again. It was windy and not hot. So quite good hiking. We were still slow. We met a couple coming back because of foot problems. He had new shoes and they were too small. I was worried about my new shoes. The cascadias dropped so much in quality that i switched to a different brand with similar but not same fit. We saw some antelopes which was awesome. We made it to a nice piped spring on a saddle surrounded by large trees. We cowboy camped under one of them. I had to go to the bathroom and had green poop. I got really worried.