Cdt day 37
5 August 2016

Today we didn’t yo much. We zeroed hard. We got to breakfast at 8 where we met michael susi and wiseman already eating. We sat down next to simple sole who was just ordering. I got two big pancakes with eggs and bacon. We got to the post office and picked up my shoes and socks. We were still missing on the bug net and noon tablets. Then we went back to the motel room to digest and sleep. At some point we were talking about lunch and i said: “I don’t feel hungry but i think i can eat a burger again.” We did some chores and i tried on different shoes and suddenly it was time for dinner. I got 2 rib eye steaks and Angelina got a t-bone steak. During the night we both got sick from food poisoning. Angelina threw up through her nose and i got horrible cramps.