Cdt day 36
29 July 2016

We woke up and made some warn water with the last bit of fuel. Wiseman was so nice to give us some warm water for our coffee. We hiked out to the road and met a mountain runner. He was a triple crowner and picked us up to get to town. So the toughest hitch ro town turned out to be easy. We went directly to the restaurant and got breakfast. I couldn’t finish my country fried steak, my stomach shrank so much. After food we got to our room and napped. We didn’t do shit this day and zeroed hard. I met Collin again he is sick amd can’t digest any food. For dinner i got a rib eye steak with baked potato and ordered onion rings after that. Whih i could not finish again. We met wiseman at the library. He was downloading some audio books. I went back to the 4 room hotel and drank a beer with simple sole and sam. Sam showed us his wood carvings which were really impressive. Sadly he never sold a single piece. We watched an amazing sunset in this 7 house town with just one big road going towards the horizon.