Cdt day 35
29 July 2016

We woke up cowboy camping at the campground with the unspeakable name just to see some moose grasing nearby. The mosquitoes surrounded us kinda like saying “get up and going.” We hiked out and followed a forest road for the most part. Wiseman called steripen support since his steri pen stopped working. They told him to “shake it like you mean it.” he did at the next water source and it worked again. The night before i looked at the elevation profile and it seemed to be easy. Just to discover this day that i had a really wrong zoom level. We were just climbing steep up and down. We made it to the first spring ate our almost last food, top ramen, and napped. That landscape changed to nice idahoan rolling hills which were amazing. It was really scenic but we hit a thunderstorm coming down a mountain. Luckily it was short for 20 min. We hiked on to get close to the road, 4 miles before it and finished all our food at dinner. We were completely out of food, fuel and toilet paper.

Burrito grande 29 July 2016
Cool klingt gut. Sitze gerade mit ner magenverstimmung in leadore. Glacier war schön. Super einfacher trail und gut markiert.
Sasquatch 29 July 2016
Moin Burrito Grande, grade aus Kanada zurück und eine Etappe des CDT gelaufen (hoch zum Swiftcurrent Pass). Landschaft ist ja der Hammer (bei schönem Wetter zumindest )). Weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg Hau rein VG Sasquatch