Cdt day 34
29 July 2016

We woke up and it was really early. The mosquitoes were already awake. Angelina barely slept because her knees were hurting so bad. We got her on some medicine so she could do the day. At sunrinse she saw a fox, which was quite confused to see her. We had reception and 4g. So we took our time and ordered new shoes, socks and bug net from rei from the top of the mountain. Angelina was happy to talk to the customer service of rei. We hiked out late because of that. But i get my stuff in leadore now. After he next offtrail water source we met wiseman again. He blew his wistle to notify us. We were really happy to see him again. Then suddenly it was 12 am and we still had to do 20 miles. Bow problem. Angelina was fine thanks to the drugs and we pushed through the heat for 14 miles until the next offtrail water. Wiseman carched up to us while i was drinking a strong coffee at the creek. The coffee really hit the spot and i was able to hike at good speed again. We are really low on food so every time we eat we get something like a sugar shock and speed up again. We get to lemhi pass at sunset and get the most amazing views on the trail so far. It was more than awesome, unforgettable. At the sacajawea memorial site we camp together with wiseman and eat the little bit of food we have left. It is Couscous with bacon for me.