Cdt day 33
29 July 2016

We woke up at rock island. It was already warm and everything smelled like fish. After peeing on the firepit and of course some breakfast we got on the trail again. Angelina was haunred by knee problrms which got worse during the day. Coming down we met a day hiker who was just starting his 2 day trip. Of course we tried to yogi some food of him. But in the end we didn’t get any. We were going down to the parking lot to see if there are other hikers to yogi from. Sadly the parking lot was quite far away. After going on we were kinda suffering in the heet. We went to a nice creek for having lunch break. Some ramen which we saved up. Angelinas knee problems sadly got worse. We continued in the heat until it was dinner time. We made dinner at a creek before a lookout. The mosquitoes were getting worseover there. So we hoped there were less at the lookout. Which turned out to be false. They were evene worse. However we could watch an amazing sunset and Angelina had reception and could check here mail.