Cdt day 32
29 July 2016

We woke up in our cowboy camp. I prepared the water for breakfast and some coffee. We started with a super nice ridgewalk with great views. The trail turned out to be really beatiful with snow covered mountains lots of scree and gorgeous views. I got light headed and had to sit down and eat and drink. Angelina gave me a rehydration tablet and i drank the whole bottle of water. Then i was good again. We continuedon easy trail with a lot of water. The sun was out and it wasn’t that hot, just perfect hiking temperatures. It was a really nice day. At lunch at slag-o-melt lake angelina discovered that she packed out too few food and got angry with herself. So we tried to do more miles and hike faster. At a road crossing we saw a jeep and we both had the same thought. Day hikers equal food. We are horrible. On the way up to another pass we met Larry and lauraine from butte montana. We talked to them and Angelina was so bold to ask if they have extra food. They had, and it was fish they just fished. So they gave us 2 fish we can cook on a campfire. Angelina was happy again. We got some snow from an old snow field to cool the fish and made our way to rock island lake. We found a decent campaite with a small fire ring and prepared a good fire. We put garlic salt and garlic into the fish and i cooked them on the fire. It was awesome food. We finished the dinner with some market spice tea. This was a relly awesome day on the trail.