Cdt day 31
29 July 2016

One month ago i started with ronan in glacier!

We wake up, it is really warm and the mosquitoes start hunting us again. Today the trail involves a lot of steep climbing and it is hot 28 °c. We meet some northbounders. Everybody tells us about sams place in leadore. It is supposed to be really nice. Well we have at&at and cannot call him. However we meet another hiker called dna. He is super nice and calls sam for us. We book 2 nights for zeroing and a pickup at Bannock pass on 27th at 4pm. We meet another hiker, melinda. She is hiking a trail along the idahoan border. We get totally wasted on the steep climbs and the hot sun. At midday we tried to locate Ley’s water source, a hosed spring, but couldnt find it so we run out of water. Next creek was a hot 2 mi walk away. Then we saw 2 huge burds of prey, probably eagles, and while we watched them circle above us we heard the sweetest sound of motorized engines on the road walk just behind us. I said “fuck cars!”, Angelina “they have water!!!” They were locals on a little ride around on their ATVs, 3 couple and 2 dogs. Angelina successfully yogied 3 L of delicious drinking water out of them and everything was well again!!!! However we find some blueberries. My first ones since the pct. Really cool. We end up putting earphones in, to make it to the last water source. Walking in zombie mode. We make it there at 9 pm. We are totally done. When we get to sleep it isndark and the mosquitoes are gone.