Cdt day 30
29 July 2016

I woke up in the heat. 4000 fet of elevation, we are damn low. Angelina was awake since a long time. Wiseman got sick during the night. I headed over to breakfast where angelina was wolving down her food. She was in the store since it opened with another bikepacker. We slowly progressed the day with laundry and maps and sorting through our resupplies. I yogied some freezer bags from susi a flip flopper. We occupied wisemans nice cabin. He didn’t really have a chance and wasn’t bold enough to throw us out. We ate lunch with all the other hiker trash, Susi michael wiseman angelina and me. I got a dpuble bacon cheeseburger. It wasn’t enough so i got a second burger. The lady cooking it was amazed. We hang out more at wisemans cabin until 17:30. Then angelina and me tried to hitch. We didn’t get a car. At some point angelina said: “ok let us switch positions. You stand in front.” and bam the first car pulls over. A hippie van with a hippie girl being out for rafting. Ahe got us up to the pass and was super nice. We followed a forest road to a spring in 6 miles. It was really warm and the mosquitoes were hunting us. However we managed to fall asleep later.