Cdt day 3
29 June 2016

So the cdt is giving it to me. Embrace the brutality! We started late at reynolds creek today wih nice sunshine and coffee. The mosquitoes were hunting us. We slowly made our ascent up to the pass and met rj and blue skies coming down. Right over the pass the bad weather hit us. Snow and rain and freezing temperatures. We were hikkng in our ponchos and i was freezing my ass off. In addition we lost the trail on a steep snow field and ended up hiking down a river to meet with the trail again. Continuing in frezing rain we hiked on to the many glacier hotel via a horse destroyed foot path and got some warm chilli that had no taste. We then headed on to the campground where we got a burger and some beer. Right before going to sleep I heard someone asking “you want any bacon?” so our yogikng skills seem to be back. We got hooked up with bacon smores and wisky by 3 campers from dallas and los angeles next to us. We were hanging out with them in the rain showers next to their fire. It was really nice. They rented all their gear from a company in west glacier and their tent was leeking. Poor souls. ..