Cdt day 29
29 July 2016

Todays motto was death march to sula. 27 miles and 19 without water at really warm temperatures. I woke up at 5 am to an alarm. Too early. I couldn’t do anything. We started with burned forest again and climbed over blowdowns. Angelina injured her leg and knee while doing this. I had to hook her up with arcoxia so she could make it to town. We took a long break with 2 coffees and i finally could think and walk again. We continued in the heat through burned forest and blowdowns. One funny moment was finding the trail:

Where is the trail? i think it is over there. There is a piece of wood attached to a tree with one rusty nail. Before it split apart and burned it night have been a cdt sign. Ok thats good enough.

We hiked on and took another break to get away from the heat. Like desert breaks in southern California. Luckily we got the road at around 6pm. We got a hitch really fast. The 5th car stopped. We could ride on a sofa on the back of a pickup truck. Was really cool. When we arrived at the sula country store the big disappointed hit me. The store was closed. Ok i knew that before but we couldn’t get a cabin either. However we were super happy to see wiseman again. He was almost going to bed. After showering and some improvised dinner with leftovers from the last stretch it was about time to hit the bed. Right now i am dreasing it. It is very warm and mosquito hell. My fingers got all bitten while writing these lines. And i have no fucking mosquito net.