Cdt day 28
29 July 2016

We had a really warm night at the lake. First in the morning we had to do a big clim b up. I have to admit that this day flew by. The trail was nice to go but had some really bad blowdowns at some point. It wasnreally warm and a lot of burned forest caused us to feel even more warm. We met another cdt montana crew. They were doing a pretty good job on the trail. We ran into a dry stretch unprepared and were out of water for about 1 hour qhich was not bad. At the creek we took a good break. For the next dry stretch we were prepared however the spring turned out to be a brown puddle. We filtered it and continued hiking. At first we wanted to make it to Schulz creek but that was to far. We got to a creek 7miles before where we camped and had a fire to burn the trash.