Cdt day 26
29 July 2016

We wake up on the campground. The night was dry and temperatures are good. To save money we shared a tent. It was a small zpacks tarp so it was super snug in there. After a coffee an old woman with her dog came by. Her name was Linda and she biked germany when she was 17. The german card got us a ride from her to a breakfast place in town. I got some fried eggs and coffee. Of course the people in the restaurant on the next table were talking to us about the cdt again and how our hike was going. We got a hitch out of town pretty fast. He drove us to the trailhead, which included some bumpy road, where we started the climb up to twin lakes. We followed guthooks, an app with the gps track and map, which led us on an old trail that disappeared. So we followed the stream up until we got back to the real trail. We met a bunch of day hikers and fly fishers around storm lake. Finnaly we made our way to page lake where we had a fire and dinner. Some last words about anaconda: this was the most hiker friendly town so far. The people there are great and super friendly. I loved it.