Cdt day 25
29 July 2016

Angelina and i woke up early and packed up to hit the road at 6am. She had to pick up a packet from the post office and i had to buy resupplies and send them out via the post office. Wiseman was still packing up and wanted to catch up. We walked on forest service roads and dirt roads to the highway 48 crossing. We got a hitch on the back of pickup truck. I always love riding on thr back of a pickup truck. We arrived in anaconda at around 10am. The post office was supposed to be closed at 1pm. So we were good in time. I bought my resupplies , watermelon and some deep fried chicken to eat immediately. We walked over to mc donalds where wiseman was sitting. He came in at 9am. He hitched from an access road after the first interstate crossing. Hanging out at mc donalds more hiker trash came in. 2 hikers that now mainly take pictures of the cdt for a picture book. They aborted their hike and are doing sections now. A triple crowner came in he hiked the cdt last year. He actually picked us up and dropped us of at the post office. He even hooked me up with 2l of cold beer. Wesend out my package and picked up angelinas. Heading over to the supermarket again to buy food for lunch and resupplies for the next stretch i immediately had to see a bathroom. However we are not in the wild where I can just take a crap. But we made it in time to a gas station. So there are some thing to say about anaconda. It was a 200000 people minimg town that shrank down to 30000 having a hard time and now lives of tourists. So we thru hikers seem to be the attraction! Everybody wants to talk to you and is super friendly. I think i headed out my blog address 3 times. People stop by in a car and ask if you are cdt hikers and whish you a great journey. This is a real frie dly town. We get my resupplies, salad with ranch dressing and a whole roasted chicken at the supermarket. We wolf this down after having a shower at the rv park. We also camp there and hang out fpr the day. I drink my beer from our ride and hike up onto a rock that has an awesome view over the city. I enjoy the view and lisren to music. In the end of the day simple sole comes in. He is happy to be in town but has to wait until Monday for his resupply package. Wiseman hiked out at lunch. He wants to be able to call his sister from sula.