Cdt day 22
29 July 2016

A motel bed, a loud fridge, an air conditioner and street noise. It was a night for earplugs. Angelina had put her bananas in the fridge, where they got frozen solid. So i had to help her out with those i bought. With some coffee prepared on a jetboil we started the day. I had to put balm on my feet since they dried out and the skin cracked apart. We hang out in the room till about 10:30. Wiseman was texting with simple sole. Simple sole has a friend from the appalachian trail in town, who will give us a ride back to the trail. Awesome. We tried to get breakfast in the no sweat cafe which took so long it was almost lunch. The portions were small so we picked up a second breakfast. A woman recognized us. We met her and her husband northbounding neat benchmark ranch. Also a cdt biker, old school came by. “oh you are thru hikers. You got the looks.” we hang out at a jus stationnwaiting for simple sole and joe. They got us back to trail. I felt actually more out of shape coming out of town then headint into it. Luckily the other 2 took care of me. We hiked for about 11 miles via really nice trail in the sunshine to a nice campsite next to the river. Angelina was super happy about hee new shoes. She reminded us every 10 minutes. We had a fire and dinner and a great time down there. Luxury thru hiking. Wiseman picked up a book in town and tried to read it. He did 3 pages before falling asleep.