Cdt day 21
13 July 2016

I slept in. When i woke up angelina and wiseman were already awake and made some coffee. I got some too and ate some watermelon. My all time favorite. At around 9 mark came back and made some fantastic yeast pancakes and bacon. An old german recipe from his mothers cookbook. So cool. After that i got into the hot tub one more time instead of showering. Then i was busy with my blog. Wiseman kept himself busy all the rime. Angelina was asleep. At around 1pm mark came back and dropped us off at rhe budget inn. We got a room and went to do resupplies. The city is really spread out and we were busy all day long. Wiseman was about to see an old friend from flight attendant school. He didn’t see her in 14 years. Angelina and me we tried to find a restaurant to eat dinner. But everything was either full or super expensive. We walked around for about 1h until we got to a fancy steakhouse that was too expensive. As we looked at the menu and said it the girl assigning the seats just said: “oh yeah this place is fcking expensive.” “where should we go to, we are very hungry and need meat.” “”go to the brewhouse. It’s over there and has huge portions it is good.” always ask the locals. So we got a big burger and everything was good again.